Parution du livre sur l’Eco-Conception en phase amont

L’ouvrage « Eco-conception générative en phase amont du projet » est sorti en langue anglaise aux éditions ISTE-WILEY.

Fruit de deux années de compilation, l’ouvrage théorise sur les outils d’aide à la décision pour les premières phases de la conception des édifices, et décrit par le détail l’outil Ecogen développé au laboratoire par l’auteur lui-même, Xavier Marsault.

To help achieve more environmentally responsible production in the field of architecture, Eco-generative Design for Early Stages of Architecture presents the software involved in design assistance from recent research projects.

The contexts, stakes, possibilities and methods of eco-design are presented, drawing heavily on the work carried out within the EcCoGen project (supported by the French National Research Agency). This book tackles some of the major difficulties involved in generative design in interactive time in the early stages of the project.

The author is particularly interested in the behavior of buildings in their built environment, via an eco-efficient and multi-criteria approach (morphological, bioclimatic) to the design, trying to preserve the designer’s creativity.

Future perspectives are discussed, combining some advances in the understanding of natural evolution with the desire to see the emergence of a theory of bio-inspired architectural morphogenesis.

Disponible en version imprimée, l’ouvrage sera bientôt accessible en e-book et en version française.

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